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Ecology - Awards - Rudolf

RUDOLF‘s ecological aim when developing, producing and applying chemical products includes the economical use of resources, such as energy, water, raw materials and the lowest possible environmental pollution due to effluent, air emissions and waste.

Ecology - Special Prize for Rudolf Renewable Raw Materials

RUDOLF was awarded a special prize for renewable raw materials 2007 by the Bayerische Staatsministerium für Landwirtschaft und Forsten (Bavarian state ministry for agriculture and forestry) as well as C.A.R.M.E.N. e.V. (Centrales Agrar-Rohstoff-Marketing- und Entwicklungs-Netzwerk e. V. = Central Agrarian Raw Material Marketing and Development Network, registered organisation). This honours the many years of our exemplary commitment to the environment.

From left to right: Dr. Rainer Braun (RUDOLF GmbH), Kerstin Schnabel (RUDOLF GmbH), Josef Miller (Staatsminister für Landwirtschaft und Forsten = minister for agriculture and forestry) and Rudolf Hager (RUDOLF GmbH).



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