Building expertise is not something that happens overnight. Knowledge has to be acquired, increased and, above all, passed on over years. RUDOLF HELLAS has practiced this philosophy for more than 25 years.

For all our products, we put in the maximum effort to ensure that they are environmentally friendly and will not cause harm to people or animals either during use or when disposed of by our customers. This applies not only to the finished product, but must also be established during development.

For RUDOLF, acting ecologically doesn‘t just mean putting in suitable filters in order to meet predefined thresholds. It is the entire manufacturing process which must be scrutinized and meticulously verified.

Our new production hall for silicone products relies on technologies which are combined with each other in completely new ways for the first time here. From a technological point of view, this results in an approach which not only sets standards in environmental protection but is also exemplary in terms of cost-effectiveness.

From everyday articles of clothing in large quantities through to exclusive high-end items in the automotive industry or technical textiles, we can off er tailor-made solutions.

It is important for synergistic RUDOLF GROUP technologies to be fully available to all users without any problems. We are already trying to avoid substances and materials which have carcinogenic, teratogenic or environmentally harmful properties when developing our products.

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