Fuel oil, diesel oil and heavy oil are major energy sources in the industrial world. They are the raw material in many production processes for the production of many final products. Many of their derivatives such as glanded are indispensable aids for the smooth operation of many modern mechanical systems, engines etc. But what happens when an uncontrolled leak in the environment? A drop of oil pollutes 600 liters of water! Everyone has noticed small leaks or rinses hydrocarbons like oil film formed in the soil by washing the car or larger as the major environmental disasters from oil tankers. Worldwide the largest percentage of pollution caused by oil contamination from various activities on land. Because the oil is not mixed with water, it can be removed relatively easily. This implies that the material will be designed should remove the oil without saturating the water. RUCO-DRY-AQA is a high-technology product that is designed in such a way that the micelles have a hydrophobic and an oleophilic group.


The RUCO-DRY-AQA when applied to nonwoven cloth gives the following properties:

  • Maximum absorption capacity of the polluting oil
  • Maximum containment of pollutant
  • Minimal water retention
  • Ability to float in water
  • Separation of water and oil
  • Easy handling, removal and replacement