Construction Chemicals

Modern chemistry has a remedy for moisture in buildings. RUDOLF develops and produces products and additives for protecting buildings and construction materials from water by high-performance coating systems. In order to is achieved all the above the R&D department delve deeply in the significances and the methods of Science and Technique of Structural Materials and dyes, that allow the characterization, the control, the planning, the choice and the management of raw material with final objective their achieved application in the scale of real systems that is addressed and the corresponding conditions of their functional environment.

Also many of the products bring to us the innovation of technology C6 for the fluorocarbon compounds with result the absence of perfluorooctanate sulfonic acid (PFOS), perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). With that way our customers can produce products ecological, absolutely sure for the people and the environment, with the suitable labeling, infiltrating in markets with particular requirements, providing products of high added value.

In the sector of construction chemicals the aim of RUDOLF HELLAS it is the advocacy of products of advanced technology with raw material that having the all essential labeling and registrations at ECHA and REACH with base which they can circulate legally also with safety in the European market and moreover bring the all necessary labeling that render him friendlily with the people and the environment.

The final products that RUDOLF HELLAS addressed to our customers are suitable for:


Under the name ®RUCOSIL, RUDOLF HELLAS offers waterproofing additives that confer optimum protection. Silicone resin binders for paints and plasters as well as silicone waterproofing additives for the most diverse types of coatings increase water repellency and maintain or even improve water vapour permeability.


Under the trade name ®RUCOSAN RUDOLF HELLAS offers construction chemicals for protecting and restoring buildings. Silicones attach particularly tight to mineral substrates and can be effective for decades. Silicone impregnations are colourless, do not form films, prevent the penetration of water and maintain the water vapour permeability of construction materials. Silanes, above all, readily spread on surfaces and penetrate very well into the substrate. Silicones are irreplaceable for damp proofing masonry by means of chemical injection. Here silicone impregnating agents are injected into damp walls via boreholes. A hydrophobic zone forms - the capillary rising damp in a wall is stopped and the masonry can dry.


All natural stones, but also unglazed artificial stones or fine stoneware are more or less porous. Absorbent surfaces, however, take up liquids that carry over soil and stain-forming substances, such as coffee, tea, wine, oil, fat, etc. into the coverage. The liquids cause permanent discolouration and the otherwise clean surface looks unsightly. Under the trade name ®RUCOTEC RUDOLF HELLAS offers stain-repellent fluorocarbon-based impregnations for the oil, soil and water-repellent finishing of stone surfaces.


  • Dispersion basis Polyether Polyol RUCOPUD
  • Dispersion basis Polycarbonate Polyol RUCOPUD


  • Silicone-Hydrophobizing-Powders RUCOMIN
  • Powder Defoamer RUCOMIN

RUDOLF HELLAS keeps available stock and the possibility of direct delivery of big spectrum of products which is related with the production of colours and plasters.

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