Mr Sotiris Tertipis was born in Ilia in 1961 and he did success studies in USA as chemical engineer in textile sector that knew rapid growth.

After he worked in several industries of abroad, he returned in Greece where continued his career as a production manager in many of the bigger dye workshops in region of Thessaloniki. Knowing all the methods and the stages of productive process of dye and treatment of textiles, he decided in 1995 the foundation of commercial company of chemists of textile with parallel advisory action in the industry.

In 1999 with Mr Dietmar Mannhardt found the company Rudolf Chemie Hellas as a consortium (joined venture) with the German multinational group Rudolf-Group in the Industrial region of Kalohori Thessalonica with warehouse above of 1000 sqm.

In 2014 he did the transformation of the company for the complete commercial exploitation of name of German group in Greece, Cyprus and FYROM.

In 2016 Rudolf-Hellas showing dynamic character and intense extraversion, realizes also opening in other economic activities, including dynamically in the pallet of the products modern materials of building chemistry as well as high technology materials for antibacterial and other special applications (UV protection, hydrophobic, anti graffiti) rendering him in combination with her human potential, from the more rapidly developing companies in the branch of chemical products.

Values of Rudolf-Hellas are the subject of the respect, the responsibility and the deep knowledge of the work in the all collaborations with the consumers, suppliers and customers where with the human potential which constitutes her more precious capital, they make feasible the effort for the conquest of continuously higher objectives.


Rudolf-Hellas collaborates with accredited laboratories, academic institutions and suitable companies for the realization of trials and controls immediately and with scientific prestige where it is required at the stage of trials of her products in applications of industry.

The products of Rudolf-Hellas bring the all essential labeling and registrations at ECHA and REACH with base which they can circulate legally and with safety in the European market and moreover they bring the all necessary labeling that render him friendlily with the person and environment (OEKO TECH, BLUE SIGN, REACH CONFORM, REASPONSIBLE CARE) contributing in the high added value of final products.

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