BIONIC-FINISH® C6 technology in fluorocarbon compounds

For their ®RUCOSTAR range, RUDOLF GROUP uses ecologically optimized products with what is referred to as C6 technology. For that purpose, perfluoroalkyl monomers obtained from telomerisation with chain lengths of 6 carbon atoms are used.

With the C6 product range from the group of BIONIC-FINISH® products, RUDOLF GROUP assumes the role of a world-wide leader in the field of ecological equipment for water-, oil, and dirt-repellent textiles.


  • ®RUCOSTAR DDD6 (Garment, yarns, low friction)
  • ®RUCOSTAR EEE6 (Universal product, cotton, blends, dyed articles)
  • ®RUCOSTAR EEN6 (Top finish for moist cross-linking, low-temperature drying)
  • ®RUCOSTAR EEW6 (Cotton, optically brightened white articles)