The bow of functional hygienic and fresh finishing draws from initial industrial finishing to leasing launderies and to the after-care area. The SILVERPLUS® technology is conceived in a manner that it is extremely suitable to provide raw materials for end-user formulations in the form of SILVERPLUS® is, therefore, capable of contributing to stopping odour-causing bacteria to thus prevent infections in clinics and hospitals.

With the OEKO-TEX®-listed SILVERPLUS® products RUCO-BAC the RUDOLF HELLAS ensures that antimicrobially finished textiles will be OEKOTEX-labelled if they fulfill all other OEKO-TEX® criteria.

Durable fresh finish for all fibre types, especially for textiles worn next to the skin.

Economic freshness system for all fibre types, especially for the use in industrial laundries.

Advantages of the use of ®RUCO 3235:

  • Bactericidal and weakly fungicidal properties
  • Non-migrating
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Resistant to washing and dry cleaning
  • Compatible with optical brighteners and many textile auxiliaries
  • Resistant to yellowing
  • Low-foaming

Field of application: Pad or exhaust process

Chemical Basis: Preparation of inorganic salts and surfactants

Ionic Character: Anionic

Form: Liquid