Polyurethane foams PU, are used in large range of consumer and industrial applications such as mattresses, carpets, furniture, kitchen and bathroom sponges and automotive etc. These foams may support the growth of bacteria and fungi that may cause odours, stains or material failure.

RUDOLF HELLAS introduce ®RUCO BAC HSA CONC and ®RUCO BAC ZPY for antimicrobial treatments which are wash resistant finishing standard for antimicrobial protection in foams.

®RUCO BAC HSA CONC and ®RUCO BAC ZPY is added to the polyol prior to the polymerization reaction. Depending on the foam formulation, minor adjustments may be required to control the physical properties of the foam. Once added, ®RUCO BAC HSA CONC and ®RUCO BAC ZPY becomes a permanent part of the foam structure, lasting for the effective useful life of the product.



  • Bacteriocidal and fungicidal properties
  • Non-migrating, antimicrobial effects
  • Resistant to washing and dry cleaning anti-bacterial effects
  • Resistant to higher temperatures ~ 180 °C
  • Registered according to the European biocide product regulation in Germany
  • Included in the Oeko-Tex® list
  • Registered on the bluesign® list