Antimicrobial Applications

SILVERPLUS® transfers the element silver into a silver compound which has been applied to microstructured substrates by means of highly innovative coating procedures. One gram of microstructured SILVERPLUS® active ingredient has a superficial area of ca. 600,000 cm². The advantage of the enlargement of the superficial area is that the consumption of resources can be minimised by the factor 100 compared with metallic silver. At the same time, the effects are maximised, similar to the mode of action of platinum in automotive exhaust catalysts.

Due to this highly innovative procedure a virtually infinite deposit is created from which highly effective positive silver ions are set free in small (some ppm) exactly dosed quantities whenever needed, i.e. in the presence of moisture.

SILVERPLUS® is, therefore, capable of contributing to stopping odour-causing bacteria to thus prevent infections in clinics and hospitals, which are e. g. caused by the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus strain (MRSA), from being transmitted*. (*This is not approved by the EPA and hence not valid for the USA.)

SILVERPLUS®, the headliner of the brands ®RUCO-BAC is used in many textile articles. With the OEKO-TEX®-listed SILVERPLUS® products RUCO-BAC, the RUDOLF HELLAS ensures that antimicrobially finished textiles will be OEKOTEX-labelled if they fulfill all other OEKO-TEX® criteria.

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